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Sophomore and Junior Year Checklist

Sophomore and Junior Year Checklist

Things To Keep In Mind For Sophomore Year

1.  Keep your grades up! This is, far and away, the most important factor that colleges will look at. If you feel yourself struggling, get support in place sooner than later.

  2.  As you look ahead to Junior year, look at how rigorous a schedule you can handle, and be honest about the work that it may entail. Balance is important!

3.  It’s not a bad idea to take the PSAT early. This can provide some good information as to where they are at in terms of test prep.

4.  Begin to research majors and careers aligned with your passions and interests.

5.  Work with your advisor to fine-tune your schedule so you’re taking the right classes.

6.  Think about visiting campuses. It’s not too early.

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Things To Keep In Mind For Junior Year

Start forming an initial list of colleges that you might be interested in. Get some information mailed to you, and see when those schools may be coming to your area for a visit or college fair.

2.  Take the PSAT if you have not already.

3.  Come up with a date for your first SAT/ACT and a study plan to prepare. There are many

differing opinions as to what is best in terms of when to take the test for the first time etc.

We are always available to discuss the options with you.

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4.  Be regularly checking in with your guidance counselor. They can be a great resource if you cultivate that relationship. This also makes it that much easier during Senior year, when you need to be in contact with them quite often.

5.  Think about which teachers you want to ask for recommendations. This should be completed toward the end of Junior year, as teachers often fill up their quota quickly and will have to say no if you wait. Popular teachers fill their slots quickly!!

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