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Boston Tutoring Services

Our Approach

The Evolve Model

Our Relationship driven model is based on the belief that all students are capable of achieving their academic aspirations if provided with the right tools and insights to truly grow.

By taking an active interest in the young people we work with, we support their academic growth while also helping them to develop as adolescents and emerging adults.

The kids we work with are more than just struggling students. They are sisters, brothers, daughters, sons, athletes, band members, video game enthusiasts, writers, computer experts, and scientists.

We help them understand:

  • Where they are putting energy

  • How their focus impacts learning

  • The difference between memorization and learning

  • How to be purposefully engaged, the importance of process, and how a good process leads to good results

  • How to become empowered in their own learning

We respect the whole person and foster the ability to master independent learning. Our creative and dedicated Boston tutors strive to help students look beyond their limitations and identify their unique strengths and challenges. We then create goals and objectives that help them move closer to their full potential.

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