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Customized College Admissions Coaching

We Help You Navigate The Entire Application Process

Preparing for the next step doesn’t have to be overwhelming

For many teens, choosing a college is one of the first big steps to independence. But the sheer amount of options can be confusing. What do I want to study? In state or out of state? Large school or small school? Do I have high enough test scores? How do I even apply? All of these questions can cause students to put off the decision or become paralyzed by choice. Evolve Tutoring in Boston is here to meet students where they’re at and we have customized plans that meet a variety of needs. Contact us today to get personalized college admissions assistance!

College Admissions

Applying to, and then choosing a college, is a big deal! Of course, bigger life choices and chapters lay before them — like finding their first job, choosing a partner, or deciding which city to start putting down roots — but most teens that come to Evolve Tutoring in Boston are taking their first steps towards adulthood. 

Whether you’re following the traditional college path or looking for something different, it is a challenge deciding on a school or navigating the admissions process. Which is why working with a college admissions coach and getting college admissions assistance is one of the best ways to prepare.

We are dedicated to helping students find the best fit for THEM, which is not necessarily an Ivy League school or where parents or siblings went. We understand that a college needs to fit your unique personality, goals, interests, and needs. We’re serious about getting to know you and help you find — and get into — your dream school. 

We guide you through the entire application process with our signature system, 8 Modules to College Acceptance™.

  • Where do you begin?​​

  • How do you form a list?

  • What schools might be a good fit?

  • What is the Common App?

  • What should the essay be about?

  • What is a good timeline?

  • Does early action make sense?

Acceptance rates at highly competitive schools are less than 10%, many schools are under 25%, and even state colleges and universities often admit less than half of applicants. It can be overwhelming.

How to choose a college or university

There are many steps in the process of choosing a college or university — which is why our college admissions assistance is a great first step! We’ve helped many students who have been in the same position as you make a plan and work through the steps until they’re walking into their first college classroom.

Here are some questions you should start thinking about as you begin to decide what schools to visit and apply to:

  • What size college do I want to go to?

  • What is the student to teacher ratio? 

  • How do I learn best?

  • Do I prefer large lectures or small classes?

  • How rigorous are the academics?

  • What kinds of clubs and activities do they offer?

  • Where do I want the school to be?

  • How far away from home do I want to be?

These questions are a great starting point for the college admissions process. We always suggest writing out a pros and cons list to measure schools against each other based on the answers to the questions above. We also encourage open conversation between parents and students about finances or, if they went to college, what their preferences were.

We meet your son or daughter where they are at, not where anyone wishes they were. We support you in finding the college that is the best fit for them.

If they have a high GPA and test scores, awesome. If they have B’s and C’s and didn’t crush the SAT, that’s fine too. If they haven’t taken a standardized test yet, no problem.

We have plans that meet a variety of needs. Learn more by clicking the button below that fits where you are in the process.

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