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Academic Tutoring/Coaching

At this time, we are doing the majority of our work remotely. Even prior to Covid, we were well versed in using technology to meet our student’s needs. This has served us, and our students, well during this trying time. While many things have changed at the moment, our ability to fully serve our student’s needs has absolutely not.

Our tutoring in Boston, and beyond, spans all subjects and grade levels. From early reading and arithmetic to calculus and composing a thesis in high school; we cover it all. Evolve tutors are well versed across the academic spectrum. They can seamlessly transition from working on an algebra or biology assignment to helping with a literature or history project. We also work with most of our students on organization, time management, and test-taking strategies.

Elementary School Tutoring

Elementary School

These students are at the beginning of their educational experience, a time when basic skills are taught and reinforced. It’s also when their ideas about learning, and how they see themselves as students form.

We are keenly aware of this. While we are certainly trying to help them do well,  as elementary tutors our role is also to help show that learning can be fun, interactive, and exciting.

Everything from basic reading, writing, grammar, and arithmetic, to showing them how to study and organize themselves is covered. Tutoring sessions are generally kept to one hour in length, twice per week, though we do our best to cater to each student’s unique needs.

Middle School Tutoring

Middle School

Students move beyond the basics and prepare for the rigors of high school. This is a great time to make sure their study skills, organization, and work habits are adequate for the next level of their education.

Some students find that simply paying attention and doing their homework doesn’t get the same results as it did in elementary school. The work is more challenging, standards are elevated, and they need to adapt to these changes or risk moving into high school at a deficit.

We support middle school students with tutoring in algebra, science, history, languages, and writing. We normally meet two times per week for sixty to ninety minutes.

High School Tutoring

High School

The stakes are raised again, with grades mattering more as college looms. It’s important for high school students to understand that memorization and learning are two different things.

By helping high schoolers understand their process, our tutors can show them how they can improve across all of their classes and utilize their strengths to solidify their weaknesses.

By helping high schoolers understand their process, we can show them how they can improve across all of their classes and utilize their strengths to solidify their weaknesses.

With this age group, we generally meet two times per week for tutoring sessions that are ninety minutes in length. We tutor students in algebra, geometry, calculus, biology, chemistry, physics, history, literature, writing, as well as their electives.

Learning Challenges

Learning Challenges

Some students are faced with obstacles that can be more pronounced and challenging, and each has differing needs and backgrounds. Therefore, it’s helpful to define the students with these needs whom we serve at Evolve. They include students who have or struggle with:

  • Mild to moderate ADD/ADHD

  • Language-based learning disabilities (reading, decoding, dyslexia)

  • Executive functioning issues

  • Challenges that have resulted in an IEP or 504 plan


Often times, these students are faced with obstacles beyond academics and can benefit from a more specialized tutoring approach.

By creating a non-judgmental atmosphere, we can help confront intense learning challenges as well as other issues that can prevent students from learning, socializing, or at times even attending school.

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