1. Incredible Mentor

    Alan has been an incredible mentor for our kids and friend to our family. He worked with our daughter through the entire college process, taking the time to get to know her and helping her put together a “plan of attack”. It was so nice to have someone helping her and assuring us that the process was moving along at an appropriate pace. He was a calming influence for all of us. Alan also tutor…Read More

    Laura Lockwood
  2. Absolutely Recommend

    "Alan took the time to get to know our son and was able to get him to think as clearly as you can expect a 17-year old to think about what he wanted out of college. And here was the crowning glory: the acceptances have come in steadily and our son is now faced with the difficulty of choosing among a bunch of great options. What is most important is to emphasize at every step of the way the assista…Read More

    David Harris
  3. Above and Beyond

    "We couldn't be happier about our experience working with Evolve! Alan worked with two of my kids helping them through the college application process. He was able to tailor a program for each of my two very different students and make the process actually enjoyable for everyone including me! Alan even taught my son how to tap the sugar maple trees in our yard to make syrup!! He went above and bey…Read More

    Ellen Korsh
  4. Grown As A Person

    "At first, I was not enthused by the whole concept of having a tutor, but that has changed for me. The typical tutoring experience that most people expect is not the case here. The time we spend goes further than schoolwork. We have a relationship and friendship that I value very much. The tutoring has not only helped me in the classroom but also grow as a person as we explore life beyond the text…Read More

    Taro G./ Student (Wayland, MA)
  5. Academic & Personal Growth

    "As a special educator and therapist, I am discerning when it comes to getting help for my children. Finding Evolve to work with my 7th-grade son became a mentoring relationship that lasted six years and greatly contributed to his academic and personal growth. Our tutor’s understanding of adolescent development and talent at building mentoring relationships, allowed him to present material in wa…Read More

    Margie Schaffel, MEd. LICSW (Newton, MA)
  6. Confidence Level Is Higher!

    "I had worked with a couple of other tutors before my parents had me meet with Evolve. I wasn’t happy about it because tutoring hadn’t worked in the past. Alan promised that he would match me up with a tutor who would not only help me with my schoolwork but would be someone I would actually like! I was still hesitant, but agreed, and am really glad that I did. My tutor and I got along great, s…Read More

    Julia R./Student (Wellesley, MA)
  7. Been A Life Coach

    "I can’t thank you enough for the coaching, modeling, and caring you provided to my son for the past two years. I thought that I was hiring a tutor to support Alex academically, but, in fact, you’ve done much more than that both for him and for me. You’ve really been a life coach. I still can’t get over the fact that Alex looks forward to your time together, even though your focus is on hi…Read More

    Robin Atlas, M.D./Parent (Brookline, MA)
  8. Lifesaver For Our Family!

    Evolve Tutoring was a lifesaver for our family! We engaged Alan and his team to work with our son during his final three years of high school when he was struggling with time-management issues and assessment anxiety. His coach was just terrific. He established a wonderful bond with our son (who is now a junior in college) that helped keep him on track with assignments, exams, and college applicati…Read More

    Mary Jo Benjamin
  9. Remarkable Group of People

    We have worked with Alan and Evolve since our son was admitted to a private school. His math test score wasn’t great and we obtained a great tutor the summer before he entered. That was all it took. Our son’s confidence skyrocketed and he has been excelling in math ever since. We had a similar experience when he stumbled a bit in biology. In both instances Evolve’s tutors worked closely at i…Read More

    David Harris
  10. I Would Highly Recommend

    Evolve Tutoring was a great resource for our son. We were matched with a fantastic tutor who met our needs exactly. I would highly recommend.…Read More

    Kate Yen