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Remarkable Group of People

We have worked with Alan and Evolve since our son was admitted to a private school. His math test score wasn’t great and we obtained a great tutor the summer before he entered. That was all it took. Our son’s confidence skyrocketed and he has been excelling in math ever since. We had a similar experience when he stumbled a bit in biology. In both instances Evolve’s tutors worked closely at improving skills which in turn improved confidence and then performance. We later had a coach work with our son in preparing for the ACT. As was true for his high school tests, our son was not a great test taker. The tutor worked with him to improve his skills, which, again, improved his scores dramatically. The best, however, was the direct coaching Alan himself did as our son applied to college. Alan took the time to get to know our son and was able to get him to think as clearly as you can expect a 17-year old to think about what he wanted out of college. And here was the crowning glory: the acceptances have come in steadily and our son is now faced with the difficulty of choosing among a bunch of great options. What is most important is to emphasize at every step of the way the assistance was targeted and specific. There was no excess, which meant the costs were reasonable and the value. It’s a remarkable group of people providing a great service.

David Harris

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