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The Best College Application Course Available

Our course, 8 Modules To College Acceptance, is the premier DIY option for students and families navigating the maze of the college application process. 

Help them get into their dream college without anxiety and stress.

What you need is a comprehensive blueprint print that supports you through the entire process.

Our program saves you time and money, reduces your stress, and gives you the peace of mind that you are setting them up for success.

  • Learn how to narrow down thousands of schools to a list that is manageable.
  • Use our templates and video tutorials to create timelines and to-do lists that streamline the process.
  • Learn how to select an essay topic, and what makes a great essay.
  • Stop being the application police and empower them in the process.
  • Lessen the stress and anxiety this process can bring to them, and your relationship.
  • Put your son or daughter in a position where they have acceptance letters from colleges they can be proud of.

All The Tools You Need To Help Your Daughter or Son Get Into Their Dream School.

Using video tutorials, slideshows, templates, questionnaires, and downloadable checklists and guides, students are expertly guided through the entire college application journey. 

College List

How do you narrow 3,000+ colleges down to a manageable list? We guide you through it step by step.


Who should we ask? When should we ask? What should they write? We give you tips to secure great recommenders.


When should we start? Are we behind? Where do we even begin? We cover all that so you don't feel stressed.

The Common App

What is it? How do I navigate it? What if a school doesn't use it? We walk you through the process.


What makes a good essay? Is my idea any good? What do schools want to hear? We help you dive deep.

Fine-tune & Submit

What do I do now? When will colleges notify me? We offer guidance and tips to get you to the finish line.

A Holistic Approach That Simply Works Better

Your daughter or son is more than just a student who may need some support in their classes or during the college application process. They are multi-dimensional people with passions, interests, fears, questions, and aspirations. We take the time to truly get to know the young people we work with and to make sure we are earning the privilege of being in the position to support, encourage, and guide them.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Tutor

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