When it comes to preparing for college, many students and parents don’t know where to even begin — or when they should for that matter. In these blogs, our coaches at Evolve Tutoring will be providing insights into how to get started planning for college as a high school student to ensure you set yourself on the track for success. From creating a college list to college interview tips, scholarships, financial aid, and applications, we’ll be covering everything you need to know about the college admissions process. Whether you’re a high school freshman or sophomore, or a junior or senior, contact Evolve Tutoring in Boston today for a personal coach that will help you create a customized plan for tackling college admissions.

  1. Tips On Choosing A College: Part 1

    There are over 5,000 colleges currently in the United States. While this is exciting is some respects, as the possibilities available to you are endless, deciding which one school is best for you can very easily become a daunting and overwhelming endeavor.   High school counselors can be a wond…Read More