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If your son or daughter is in the college application process or will be soon, you need a blueprint that supports you through the entire process.

Our book, 8 Modules to College Acceptance, saves you time and money, reduces your stress, and gives you the peace of mind that you are setting them up for success.


All The Tools You Need To Help Your Son or Daughter Get Into Their Dream College.


We take our years of knowledge in this space and provide you with the tools and information so you know that you are beginning this process correctly and have an actual plan for how to navigate it.

Let's be honest here. Is the college application process something you and your daughter or son can do on your own? Absolutely yes. Plenty of people have done that in the past, and continue to do it now. But does the fact that you can do it on your own mean that you should

The better question to ask is whether doing it completely on your own is actually the most effective and efficient option, and the one that sets them up for the best chance at success, which is the ultimate goal. For many parents, this is simply too important a process to leave in the hands of an overworked guidance counselor, some Google searches, and good luck!

Our book, 8 Modules To College Acceptance, touches on all of the main areas that need to be covered during the college application process.

College List

How do you narrow 3,000+ colleges down to a manageable list? We guide you through it step by step.


Who should we ask? When should we ask? What should they write? We give you tips to secure great recommenders.


When should we start? Are we behind? Where do we even begin? We cover all that so you don't feel stressed.

The Common App

What is it? How do I navigate it? What if a school doesn't use it? We walk you through the process.


What makes a great essay? Is my idea any good? What do schools want to hear? We help you dive deep and be authentic.

Fine-tune & Submit

What do I do now? When will colleges notify me? We offer guidance and tips to get you to the finish line.


If You Answer Yes To Any Of These Questions, This Book Is For You 


  • Do you want to remove yourself from constantly having to be the college application police?
  • Do you want to make sure things are being done properly and on time?

  • Do you want to survive this process without your relationship suffering?

  • Do you want support with the college application process but don't want to spend thousands of dollars?

  • Do you want your son or daughter to have choices they can be proud of?

  • Would you like the college application process to be less stressful than you anticipate?

Why Not Just Give The Book Away For Free?
The short answer is that I have in the past.


The longer answer is that, in my experience as a consumer myself and as a business owner, we take something more seriously when we pay something, even a small amount, for it. And $4.99 certainly qualifies as a small amount!


My goal, first and foremost, is to provide people with valuable information. That is always front and center. ALWAYS. I have found that when people pay for the book, they actually read it and follow through at a much
higher rate. 


Can the college application process be navigated on your own? Absolutely! And it can be done on your own with great results as well, so don’t let anyone tell you different.


Some may find that this book gives them enough information to confidently move through the process. For others, the information in this book may solidify for them that they want or need more support, and if that’s the case we have those supports in place in the form of our online course, or working directly with me when I have openings.
The point being that my goal is to have multiple streams of information that meet the needs of almost anyone who is engaging in the college application journey.

Phone:  (617) 431-6315

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